"Always on the road, we are the knights in gray armor, in France and all around the world, of our beloved region, expressing our passion and devotion to its traditions, natural environment, language background, culinary heritage .We love all local products: from black pork meat from Gascony to Tarbes beans, Trebons onions, Aste Carrots, Bareges mutton. We are from the land of simple happiness, good living, rugby, friends and we invite you to join us"

    • Traditional Pyrenean Singers from French " Bigorre " region.
    • Knights of the French Agricultural Merit.
    • Honorary Members of " Arou " ( Society of " Bigorre " ham producers)
    • Honorary Members of association of " Tarbes " beans.

For over 25 years, we participated in casual and convivial shows, our main goal being to promote our beloved " Bigorre " as well as the " Baronnies " and more extensively all of the Pyrenean Region.

Presentation of every singer (in french)

List of previous animations attended
  • Various local feasts with other local bands and groups.
  • Concerts in France and Spain.
  • Tarbes, Metz, Nantes agricultural trade shows.
  • Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona Tourism trade shows, representing the " Hautes Pyrenees regional council ".
  • Animations and inauguration festivities at " the stars vessel ", the famous Pic du Midi, the Bigorre lighthouse, within the regional council authority.
  • Animations backed by the regional council authority in Toulouse, Chicago, New York.
  • Animations at the French ministry of Culture, French Senate and French congress.
    Thanks to our local political representatives.
  • Pre and post rugby games animations sponsored by Midi Olympique Voyages (Tarbes travel agency managed by Bruno Larroux) together with Laminacs, a traditional Basque band, in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Italy and France.
  • Animations during the Australian Rugby world cup in 2003
  • Promotional animations for society of Bigorre Black ham society and association of " Tarbes " beans.
  • Animations for Huesca feasts in Spanish Pyrenean High Aragon region.
  • Animations and concert during opening of " Calandretas " (Schools of Occitan language) in Tarbes and Bagneres.
  • Participation to all events related to the promotion and defense of " Bigorre " regional language (Nosauts de Bigorre, Radio Pais, Hesteyade de Bigorre…)
  • Humanitarian causes concerts: " heart " restaurants, telethon, jails, retirement homes, and hospitals…
  • Animation along with Aspireneos rugby team tournaments in French West Indies, Marseille, Portugal and Borderes sur Echez.
  • Participation every year to Cahors grand wine festival in Albas with Alain Creunier, the " Astiaous " and the whole happy crew of " Bon air EST dans les caves ", translated into healthy air in wine cellars.
  • " Se Canti Jazz' festival in Luz Saint Sauveur.
  • Participation to the representation of " Cosmos " opera in Tarbes.
  • Participation to trade shows dedicated to traditional musical instrument makers, better known as " Conspiremus " in Boltana, in Spanish High Aragon region.
  • First part of the concert of " I Muvrini " featuring Alain Stivell, Fabienne Thibeault and Jean Pierre Debarbat.
  • Musical sessions with French renown singers Veronique Sanson, Carlos, Charlelie Couture, Bernard Lubat, Michel Marre, Marc Perrone as well as local artists such as " Les Pagalhos and Estar" from Bearn, the Tarbes Pyrenean singers, Alfred Roland' singers from Bagneres, the Mountain singers from Lourdes, The Orpheon from Luz, The Tarbes " balladins " or troubadours, the Thenardiers.
  • Musical sessions with other French regions bands from Brittany, Corsica, Marseille, Provence…
  • Extras for film " Pact of the wolves ", shot in the Baronnies region.
  • Back up for all songs in " the horsemen with green eyes " film for French TV station Antenne 2.
  • Participation in " That day " promotion film, produced by the Larrieu brothers for the Pyrenean National Park.
  • Participation to TV shows in France and Canada.

Other informations about the activities of the group (in french)


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